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Book cover.

The Robotic T-rex.

Real robots have been around for more than half a century and used for a variety of purposes. Some dinosaur robots are at the cutting edge of robot research. For years, experimental dinobots have been helping scientists and engineers test out different ways of walking. This “rexbot” will have two legs for walking and a tail to keep it balanced, just like the real T. Rex. Also in existence is Banryu, a real working dinosaur robot. This Japanese robot is about as big as a medium-size dog and is able to patrol the house like a guard dog and using its infrared sensors that can listen for noises and sniff for smoke. From fossil bones in museums to special-effects monsters in movies, T. Rex is probably the most well-known and fascinating dinosaur of all. This all-encompassing, full-color illustrated book gives kids an up-close learning experience and the chance to build their own walking T. Rex!