Robosapien is a humonoid robot from wowwee robotics.

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RoboSapien is a toy-like biomorphic robot designed by Mark Tilden and produced by Wow Wee toys. The RoboSapien is preprogrammed with moves, and also can be controlled by an infrared remote control included with the toy, or by either a personal computer equipped with an infrared transmitter, and an infrared transmitter-equipped PDA. RoboSapien, as the advert for it says, is "The robot that thinks it's a human!". The toy is capable of a walking motion without recourse to wheels within its feet. It is also able to grasp objects with either of its hands, and is also able to throw grasped objects with mild force. It has a small loudspeaker unit, which can broadcast several different vocalizations, all of which appear to be recordings of a human male pretending to be a great ape, such as a gorilla, or it can fart and belch very loudly.

The toy's remote control unit has a total of 21 different buttons. With the help of two shift buttons, a total of 67 different robot-executable commands are accessible.


Robosapien comes with Remote and cup to pick-up and throw.


The RoboSapien, or more correctly the RoboSapien controller, is equipped with a basic level of programmability. Users can string together movement commands to form what the toy's manual describes as either macros or mini-programs, but which are more correctly described as robotic instructions sets. A completed Instruction-set is broadcast to the RoboSapien, which then saves the set to on-board memory for later execution. Instruction-set Programs can be re-played back by performing the following actions :

pressing the "execute" button touching one of the sensors on the RoboSapien's hands or feet putting the RoboSapien in "listen" mode and then making a sharp noise. It is also possible to produce a sensor-keyed instruction set, where the RoboSapien will then perform a specific set of actions on contact with a specific sensor system (i.e. contact with the left hand would produce a set of sounds followed by a specific programmed gesture)

Command ListEdit

Bulldozer Burp

Fart (Oops) High Five

Left arm down Left arm in

Left arm out Left arm up

Lean back Lean forward

Lean left Lean right

Left pick up Left strike 1

Left strike 2 Left strike 3

Left sweep Left throw

Left thump Left (turn left)

Reset Right arm down

Right arm in Right arm out

Right arm up Right pick up

Right strike 1 Right strike 2

Right strike 3 Right sweep

Right throw Right thump

Right (turn right) Roar

Step backward Step forward

Stop Talk back

Turn step left Turn step right

Wake up Walk backward

Walk forward Whistle

Dance Demo 1

Demo2 All Demo


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Robosapien items


Robosapien first came out in black and white, and black and clear. Later, clear red. Other colors include silver,

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