The Flytech Fairyfly is a series of Flytech robotics is the shape of fairys. They are names by the 4 season and will most likey be realesed by that season.

  • Fairyfly Snowflake (Winter)
  • Fairyfly Flame(Fall)
  • Fairyfly Glitter (Summer)
  • Fairyfly Sprite (Spring)
Flytech edit
"Flytech Dragonfly" • "Flytech Bladestar" • "Flytech Butterfly" • "Flytech Moth" • "Flytech Bat" • "Flytech Dragon" • "Flytech Fairyfly" • "Flytech Hornet" • "Flytech Anurognathus" • "Flytech Rex" • "Flytech Barry B. Benson" • "

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